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San Diego, CA 92121-3261
  • ASCO Valve Inc.

    ASCO Valve, Inc. is committed to worldwide leadership in valves and valve system technology. ASCO is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of quality fluid control products such as, RedHat solenoid valves, miniature valves, fuel gas and oil products, and redundant control...
  • MTS Systems Corporation

    Pioneering Technology and Unmatched Expertise Measurement. Accuracy. Certainty. These concepts allow engineers in research, product development and manufacturing to turn mere ideas into tangible, working results. MTS Systems Corporation is dedicated to making this transformation faster, easier...
  • Burkert Fluid Control Systems

    Burkert is one of the world’s leading companies for measurement, control and regulation technology. More than 2,100 employees in 34 countries are constantly engineering systems and solutions in response to the dynamic and exciting challenges presented by water, steam, gases and other...
  • ECV5

    The ECV5 is a complete Emissions Control System for Gas Engines. The ECV5 can be configured for controlling either Rich Burn or Lean Burn Gaseous Fueled engines (fuel can be either Natural Gas or other Alternative fuels). Read more
  • EGC2/4

    Continental Controls offers a very innovative and state of the art approach to Gaseous Fuel Carburetion for most gas engines in the range of 10 to 500 horsepower. The Electronic Gas Carburetor (EGC) precisely controls the air/fuel ratio using variable pressure control combined with an advanced... Read more
  • AGV10

    The AGV10 Fuel Metering Valve is intended to meter fuel for turbines in the horsepower range of approximately 850HP to 5000HP. This intelligent fuel valve includes a built in flow meter for flow measurement and condition monitoring. Read more