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Houston, TX 77064
Competitors of AMOT
  • Kuriyama of America

    Kuriyama of America, Inc. develops and markets thermoplastic hose and accessory products to the industrial marketplace. The company provides a complete line of thermoplastic, rubber and metal hose products and accessories including couplings and fittings, for use in industrial and commercial... Read More
  • CS UNITEC, Inc.

    CS Unitec has developed a line of high-quality, professional power tools and non-sparking safety tools. Our pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and safety tools are designed for very demanding applications in construction, petrochemical, mining, marine and other industries.
  • Honeywell International Inc

    Honeywell Vindicator addresses the unique needs of security in critical facilities. We understand how to design products that will last, how to design systems that will meet specs and mandates, and how to help clients stay within budget.
Products by AMOT
  • Model B Thermostatic Valves

    AMOT Model B Thermostatic Valves are fully automatic, 3- way fluid temperature control valves for diverting or mixing applications. They provide reliable control of fluid temperatures in engine jacket water and lubrication oil cooling systems. These valves are suitable for process control and... Read more
  • Air Intake Shutoff Valves

    Roda Deaco by AMOT provides complete diesel engine overspeed air intake shutoff systems, offering a wide selection of sizes and actuation methods to meet the installation requirements of the hundreds of different diesel engine applications in use today. Contact us at Tel: +1 (780) 465-4429,... Read more
  • 4261D Butterfly Valve

    4261D Butterfly Valves help prevent diesel engine runaway. Diesel runaway is a constant problem, injuring personnel and causing severe damage to equipment every year. A diesel engine will runaway and self destruct on hydrocarbon vapors, even if the engine’s primary source of fuel is taken away.... Read more