Products in the Oil Gas Marketplace

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  • Water Jet Eductor By Schutte & Koerting

    Water Jet Eductors are designed for liquid pumping and mixing operations and for the handling of some solids. Read More
  • Water Testing & Monitoring Systems By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

    Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. supplies water testing and monitoring systems from Myron L Co, Hanna Instruments, and ATI. Let us know your specific water testing requirements and we will assist you with the best water testing & monitoring system option to meet your needs. Read More
  • Water/Wastewater Pumping Systems By PSG Pump Solutions Group, A Dover Company

    PSG’s technologies are well suited to the demanding applications and processes within the water and wastewater treatment industries. PSG’s brands specialize in safe, reliable and efficient metering, dosing, treatment, post treatment, collection, and transfer of water and wastewater. PSG brands... Read More
  • WaveRider LMS8000 (900 MHz) By Vecima Networks Inc.

    Easily plan, install and deploy a non-line-of-sight wireless network in the unlicensed 900 MHz spectrum with Vecima's next generation WaveRider LMS8000 series. LMS8000 enables true "Plug and Play" capabilites, enabling service providers or end-users to quickly and easily install their... Read More
  • WaveRider MMT9000 and MBT9000 By Vecima Networks Inc.

    WaveRider Nomadic data access systems are field deployable wireless access networks that are portable and deliver user mobility while supporting over 3 times as many subscribers per base station compared with our competition. Operating in the 900 MHz ISM band, the Nomadic Data Access systems... Read More
  • WaveRider NCL5800 (5.8 GHz) By Vecima Networks Inc.

    The 5.8 GHz WaveRider NCL5800 bridge/router is an ideal solution for short and long distance point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications. With data rates up to 108 Mbps and up to 400 mW of RF power, the NCL5800 series delivers more capacity, farther than ever before. Such capability... Read More
  • WCB W80 Series Aseptic Valve By SPX Flow Technology

    A great solution for aseptic applications, this valve series utilizes a stem flush adapter to provide a liquid or steam barrier around the valve stem. The flush adapter is a direct replacement for the standard adapter piece, maintaining the same dimensions as the W60 Series and providing the... Read More
  • Wellhead Gauge and Bleed Valves By High Pressure Equipment Company

    Wellhead Gauge Valves • One inlet and three outlet ports • Packing located below stem threads • Metal-to-metal seat for bubble tight shut-off • Two piece non-rotating stem for standard service valves • One piece stem for sour gas service • Designed for line sampling or instrument... Read More
  • Wills Rings® C By Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

    Wills Rings® C are metal C-Rings used for almost any static face sealing application. Reliable performance over a large temperature range for liquids. Extreme high pressures and vacuums can also be sealed. Wills Rings® C exhibits greater springback / elasticity than Wills Rings® O. This... Read More
  • WIO® Base Unit By OleumTech Corporation

    The WIO® Wireless Base Unit, WM2000-002, is part of the WIO family of industrial wireless automation products. The Base Unit is an economical solution for adding wireless capabilities to existing or new, process conditions. The Base Unit is a multi-input unit capable of accepting four analog... Read More
  • WIO® DH2 By OleumTech Corporation

    The WIO® DH2TM, SR5000-DH2, is part of the WIO family of industrial wireless automation products. The DH2 is an economical I/O extension to PLCs, EFMs and RTUs typically found in hazardous and remote industrial process conditions. The DH2 design is an excellent solution for installations... Read More
  • Wireless Alarm Transmitter By OleumTech Corporation

    The Wireless Alarm Transmitter, SM5000-DSX series is part of the WIO family of wireless products. This discrete alarm monitor is an effective and ideal solution for dry contact switches and wireless alarm monitoring in a variety of industrial process conditions. Features include: * A... Read More
  • Wireless Instruments By Schneider Electric

    ccutech battery-powered, wireless instrumentation offers simple deployment, configuration and monitoring from ClearSCADA through predefined templates. Read More
  • Wireless Liquid Level Transmitters By OleumTech Corporation

    Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter The Wireless Liquid Level Transmitters are designed to meet EPA Spill Prevention (SPCC) and API Inventory Monitoring requirements. Wireless (Magnetostrictive) Tank Monitoring Solution Features: * 3-in-1 Level Measurement Capability (reports... Read More
  • Wireless Pressure Transmitter By OleumTech Corporation

    The WIO® Wireless Pressure Transmitter, SM5000-P01, is part of the WIO family of industrial wireless automation products. The Wireless Pressure Transmitter is an effective and economical solution for monitoring a wide range of pressures and a variety of industrial process conditions in... Read More
  • Wireless RTD Transmitter By OleumTech Corporation

    OleumTech expands its WIO® Industrial Wireless Automation Solutions to support a wireless RTD Temperature Transmitter for a wide variety of industrial and process applications. The WIO RTD Transmitter is designed for precise and repeatable temperature measurement applications. Features... Read More
  • Wobbe Index Calorimeter Model COSA 9610 By COSA Xentaur

    The NEW COSA 9610TM Provides a Fast and Accurate Measurement of Wobbe Index, Heating Value and Combustion Air Requirement Index (CARI). New Updates to the COSA 9610TM have expanded capabilities that include Total Sulfur measurement, data storage, remote access, high sample system temperatures,... Read More
  • WR5812M - 5.8 GHz OFDM-MIMO Radio By Vecima Networks Inc.

    The WaveRider WR5812M OFDM-MIMO radio allows for high capacity, near line-of-sight deployment and strong immunity to multi-path. User data rates are up to 96 Mbps. The WaveRider WR5812M is a leap forward in meeting the ever-increasing needs for affordable backhaul capacity across unlicensed... Read More
  • Wrenches By Power House Tool Inc.

    All the Wrenches You Need for your Industrial Application. - Castellated Slugging Wrenches - Industrial Slugging Wrenches - Hex Long Arm Wrenches Read More