Products in the Oil Gas Marketplace

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  • Ultra High Pressure Valves, Fittings and Tubing - 100,000 and 150,000 psi Service By High Pressure Equipment Company

    High Pressure Equipment Company has developed a line of Ultra High Pressure products to assure safe and easy plumbing for 100,000 psi and 150,000 psi. These needle valves, fittings, check valves, tubing and nipples are engineered to the highest standards of repeatable quality. The reliable... Read More
  • Ultrasonic Level Transmitters By Gems Sensors & Controls

    Gems™ delivers the answer for challenging fluid measurement and monitoring with our new ultrasonic UCL Series continuous non-contact level transmitters. These accurate and reliable sensors are designed for the most difficult fluids to monitor — including ultrapure, dirty, coating, scaling or... Read More
  • Umbilicals for Subsea Use by Kuriyama Oil & Gas Products By Kuriyama of America

    Umbilical's are groups of hoses and sometimes electrical cables, either cabled at (360°) or layered in a round or semi-round configuration. The outer wrap (cover) will have a specified Urethane or PVC jacket custom made for the customer's umbilical application. At Kuriyama, we continually focus... Read More
  • Underground Petroleum Oil/Fuel Tank Lining By AmTech Tank Lining & Repair

    Amtech provides cutting edge systems and materials like Armor Shield, BiFlex and Poly Lining systems to repair and rejuvenate single and double wall USTs. AmTech products and services can protect above ground and underground tanks from breaching to the environment. From tested linings and... Read More
  • Underground Products By Electrochemical Devices, Inc.

    Reference electrodes for underground applications such as pipelines, tanks and aboveground storage tanks. Read More
  • Universal Fuel Purifier By RCI Technologies

    The RCI Technologies purifier is a simple one-step unit that removes 99.9% water and 95% to 98% of dust, dirt and other normal and natural contaminants found in all diesel fuel. Even today’s “clean” diesel fuel will easily become contaminated during transportation and storage. Unlike all... Read More
  • USB4CH By Symmetric Research

    The USB4CH is a 4 channel 24 bit realtime continuous data acquisition system with an individual A/D per channel architecture. The system is suitable for sampling from DC to 10kHz, connecting to the computer via a standard USB port. All analog inputs are fully differential with amplitude ranges... Read More
  • USE Manager By US Energy Group, LLC

    An Internet-based, building management service and platform enabling real-estate management organizations to run their businesses more efficiently. This information monitoring and analysis service provides much more than technology…it converts 30 years of experience and knowledge into usable and... Read More