Products in the Oil Gas Marketplace

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  • Nextteq AirFlow Test Kit By NEXTTEQ, LLC

    Analyzing air currents is simple and economical using Nextteq’s Airflow Test Kit. The non-corrosive smoke is safe for use in isolation room testing, ventilation ducts, and other environments. To maximize efficiency, tubes can be plugged with the supplied rubber stoppers, and reused at other test... Read More
  • Nextteq VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generator for Respirator Fit Testing By NEXTTEQ, LLC

    The VeriFit® Irritant Smoke Generator revolutionizes respirator fit testing. Its patented design integrates all traditional irritant smoke test components into one convenient device. Plastic construction eliminates danger from broken glass. Small, attached bellows provide the optimum amount of... Read More
  • Nextteq/Gastec Compressed Breathing Air Test Kits By NEXTTEQ, LLC

    Nextteq Airtec Regulator Kits, featuring Gastec Airtec Tubes, provide a simple method for detecting contaminants in compressed gas and supplied air. The kits detect the 5 most common contaminants: oil mist, water vapor, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. Read More
  • Nextteq/Gastec Hazmat Kit By NEXTTEQ, LLC

    Nextteq’s portable HazMat Kits provide immediate identification of unknown chemicals and can detect contaminants competitors miss. The kits offer accurate detection of up to 48 gases, vapors, and liquids—many with lower detection limits than leading competitors. Additionally, Nextteq offers the... Read More
  • Nor-Mag Magnetic Flow Meter By Hoffer Flow Controls Inc

    The Hoffer Nor-Mag Series electromagnetic flow meters are designed for industrial applications and measurement of flow rates of electrically-conductive liquids. Read More
  • Northwire DIRECT By Northwire Inc.

    Northwire DIRECT – Select from more than 500 products for same-day delivery. Need more convenience in your supply chain management strategy? Order factory-direct and enjoy same-day shipment on select cable types through Northwire DIRECT. Ideal for engineering and manufacturing companies where... Read More
  • Northwire Endurance Camera Link® Cable Assemblies By Northwire Inc.

    Find industrial-grade vision systems cable for top performance in camera and frame grabber applications. Choose from standard Camera Link® cable or Power over Camera Link® (PoCL cable). Northwire’s high flex cable for vision systems has passed 19 million flex cycles and utilizes a dual-shield... Read More
  • Northwire Endurance CCXC Analog Video Assemblies By Northwire Inc.

    Discover bulk cable assemblies and CCXC connectors that meet or exceed your most challenging project requirements. Northwire cable supplier designs and engineers its Endurance brand CCXC analog video assemblies to the industry standard for analog CCD cameras. Analog video jack connectors and... Read More
  • Northwire Endurance Power over Camera Link® Cable By Northwire Inc.

    Select from top vision systems cable at Northwire cable supplier. Offering high flex life cable for rugged industrial application, the wire company produces certified Power over Camera Link® cable assemblies (PoCL cable) for cameras, frame grabbers, and other vision systems needs. NWI camera... Read More
  • Northwire EXPRESS By Northwire Inc.

    Northwire EXPRESS – 5 Days from Design to Deliver. Do you need custom products super-fast? NWI EXPRESS offers custom solutions quickly. Leverage the industry’s fastest lead times for rapid shipping for standard and custom cable orders. Delivering wire and cable quotes in less than 24 hours and... Read More
  • Northwire Mini Camera Link® Cable Assemblies By Northwire Inc.

    Delivering exceptional performance in the most extreme environments, Northwire Mini Camera Link® Cable Assemblies are ideal for industrial, heavy-duty vision systems. Adhering to Camera Link® high-speed communications protocols, these cable systems meet a strong standard you can rely on for... Read More