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  • E3Point By BW Technologies by Honeywell

    E3Point is a toxic/combustible gas monitor that makes a commercial operation run more intelligently to protect people, property and the bottom line. It goes beyond protection to increase energy management, efficiency and economical value. E3Point is capable of detecting the widest range of... Read More
  • Eagle 2 Portable Gas Monitors By RKI Instruments Inc.

    RKI is proud to offer the next generation of our popular EAGLE portable gas detector. Our Eagle 2 is equipped with features that are not available on competitive units, it is a powerful instrument that does more than just offer the standard confined space protection for LEL, O2, H2S and CO.... Read More
  • EasiDrive By Smith Flow Control Ltd

    EasiDrive is an efficient and cost effective alternative to a dedicated valve actuator. Wherever you have manually operated valves that have high operating torques, hundreds of handwheel turns to open/close or are just difficult to operate then EasiDrive is your solution. The EasiDrive portable... Read More
  • EB Series Electric Boost Pump By American Airworks™

    Our electric powered gas booster will work with all types of gases such as air, argon, CNG, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. Provides up to 18 SCFM flow rates and outlet pressure up to 10,000 PSI. Used by military, industry, fire service, mining rescue, aviation ground service, petroleum,... Read More
  • EchoSafe By FLOWLINE

    FM approved for hazardous environments, the explosion proof ultrasonic level transmitter provides continuous level measurement up to 32.8' (10m) with a 4-20 mA signal output, and is configured via the integral push button display module. This non-contact liquid level sensor is ideally suited for... Read More
  • EchoTouch IS By FLOWLINE

    CSA approved intrinsically safe for use in hazardous locations, the two-wire ultrasonic transmitter provides non-contact level measurement up to 18' or 5.4m, and is ideally suited for challenging corrosive, slurry or waste liquids. Push button calibrated, the transmitter is typically selected... Read More
  • ecoPOWER™ Halogen Free Flame Retardant Cables and Power Cords By Northwire Inc.

    Ultra-powerful, low smoke, Zero Halogen, eco-friendly medical cable and medical wire. UL 62 listed, CSA certified 105°C Halogen Free Flame Retardant cables, power cords, retractile cables. ecoPOWER™ options include PVC free, Halogen Free Flame Retardant and Low Smoke Zero Halogen to protect... Read More

    The ECV5 is a complete Emissions Control System for Gas Engines. The ECV5 can be configured for controlling either Rich Burn or Lean Burn Gaseous Fueled engines (fuel can be either Natural Gas or other Alternative fuels). Read More
  • Eductors By Bex Spray Nozzles

    Mini Plastic Educators Regular Size Molded Educators Stainless Steel Educators Cast Iron Educators Read More

    Continental Controls offers a very innovative and state of the art approach to Gaseous Fuel Carburetion for most gas engines in the range of 10 to 500 horsepower. The Electronic Gas Carburetor (EGC) precisely controls the air/fuel ratio using variable pressure control combined with an advanced... Read More
  • Elcometer 224 Digital Surface Profile Gauge By Elcometer Inc

    With built-in memory, batching, and Bluetooth®. Ideal for measuring the surface profile of blasted metal surfaces. Bluetooth® technology for cable free data transfer. Stores up to 50,000 readings in 999 batches. Complies with ASTM D 4417-B, NSTM 009-32, and SANS 5772. Tungsten carbide tip lasts... Read More
  • Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter By Elcometer Inc

    The Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter has been designed to measure and record all the relevant climatic parameters required to determine whether conditions are suitable for painting. •User friendly ◦Intuitive, multi-lingual menu structure with large, customer definable illuminated display. •Rugged... Read More
  • Elcometer 456 Integral Coating Thickness Gauge By Elcometer Inc

    The Elcometer 456 Integral Gauge with integrated V-groove, is ideal for single handed operation. The wide footprint of the Bigfoot™ probe provides greater stability when taking readings on flat and curved surfaces. Standard and Top models are supplied with Bluetooth®† wireless technology for... Read More
  • ELDS Open Path Gas Detection Technology By Senscient, Inc.

    The International Society of Automation (ISA) named Senscient, Inc. as the winner of its 1st place InTech Innovator’s Award at ISA EXPO 2009. Gold winner Senscient was recognized for developing the first new hazardous gas sensing technology in 20 years for industrial safety applications. Using... Read More
  • ELDS Open Path Gas Detector products By Senscient, Inc.

    ELDS™ is a patented, new open path gas detection (OPGD) technology from Senscient. The innovative Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (ELDS) detection technology featured in the ELDS Series of open path gas detectors fulfills the promise of fit-and-forget open path gas detection... • Reliable... Read More
  • Electronic equipment and acquisition system By AUTELEC

    Drilling instrumentation CCTV System Weight measurement of silos Unwinding and tension anchor lines Measurement of inclination of offshore platform Level measurement of ballast Acquisition and data logging Design and developpment of electronic and computer system Electronic sensors: Pressure,... Read More
  • Electronic Temperature Controls By Pentair Thermal Management

    Electronic Temperature Control systems are designed to control heating-cable circuits used in freeze protection, process-temperature maintenance and snow melting applications. Each has unique features that provide cost-effective electronic temperature control and extensive heat tracing circuit... Read More
  • Electro-Optic Level Switch By Gems Sensors & Controls

    Gems™ delivers the answer for challenging fluid measurement and monitoring with our new ultrasonic UCL Series continuous non-contact level transmitters. These accurate and reliable sensors are designed for the most difficult fluids to monitor — including ultrapure, dirty, coating, scaling or... Read More
  • ELS-1150 XP By Gems Sensors & Controls

    The enhanced ELS-1150 series is the highest performing electro-optic level switch from Gems™ Sensors. At just 1.38" (35 mm) long, the ELS-1150 has been upgraded with a micro-processor board design to provide a wide range of capabilities including sinking, sourcing and time delay outputs. The... Read More
  • Em-400 user configurable anti-surge controller By PETROTECH, Inc.

    The Em-400 is a user-configurable multi-body anti-surge compressor controller that incorporates field-proven Petrotech anti-surge algorithms into a trim, rack mount package. The system is user configurable through the built-in color touch screen display. It includes more than 65 password... Read More
  • Emergency Fuel Transfer and Filtration Unit (PTFU) By RCI Technologies

    Emergency Fuel Transfer and Filtration Unit (PTFU) can be used to clean stored diesel fuel and transfer fuel between tanks. It is ideal for boat owners, fuel docks and stations, truck fleets, bus fleets and various other diesel fuel applications. The portable unit includes an FP 700 fuel... Read More
  • Enclosures By Ice Qube, Inc.

    As a manufacturer of NEMA 12, 4, 4X Smart Station enclosures and Enclosure Cooling Systems, IQ Enclosures is able to offer it's customers substantial savings from traditional add-on NEMA enclosure cooling. ENCLOSURE PACKAGES featuring a digitally controlled air conditioner, heat exchanger, or... Read More
  • EnDura Oilfield Elastomers By Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd

    The ENDURA® range of elite elastomer materials has been specifically developed by PPE for use in downhole, surface and subsea oilfield equipment and offers excellent explosive decompression (ED) resistance. The range includes material grades that provide the ultimate in chemical resistance and... Read More
  • Endurance - GigE Vision By Northwire Inc.

    Stay ahead of the competition with Northwire cable supplier’s ruggedized vision systems solution – the GigE gigabit Ethernet cable suite. GigE vision cable delivers higher strength and increased performance while offering a longer life expectancy, making the cable assemblies ideal for heavy-duty... Read More
  • Endurance - IEEE 1394 FireWire™ Cable Assemblies a to a By Northwire Inc.

    Choose top-quality FireWire™ Cable Assemblies that meet or exceed IEEE 1394a and b standards at Northwire cable engineering company. Our cable supplier produces industrial-grade standard and custom FireWire cables that benefit you through: • Heavy-duty, ruggedized construction • UL recognized... Read More
  • Endurance - IEEE 1394 FireWire™ Cable Assemblies a to b By Northwire Inc.

    Select from a variety of IEEE 1394 FireWire™ cable types or explore custom cable creation for your most demanding high-speed communication or data transfer needs. Northwire cable supplier designs and engineers best-quality FireWire cables that deliver exceptional performance in rugged... Read More
  • Endurance - IEEE 1394 FireWire™ Cable Assemblies b to b By Northwire Inc.

    For your heavy-duty applications that demand exceptional performance, Northwire offers its Endurance brand of IEEE 1394 FireWire™ Cable Assemblies. Guaranteed to meet or exceed IEEE 1394a and b standards, this industrial-strength wire and cable is ideal for extreme industrial environments. All... Read More
  • Enerac 500 By ENERAC

    Enerac the technical leader in portable combustion analyzers has been making portable combustion analyzers for over 31 years has come out with the New Enerac Model 500 a low cost portable combustion emissions analyzer that is hand held & weights 3 lbs .The 500 is the only unit in the world that... Read More
  • Environmental Compliance Support By Process Engineering Associates, LLC

    Pollution Control System Design Waste Treatment & Wastewater Treatment System Design Waste Recycling & Waste Minimization Process Design Emissions estimating Regulatory assessment Compliance assessment Permit Preparation Support (Construction & Operating) Monitoring / Sampling... Read More
  • Enviro-Wash 9000 By One Eye Industries Inc

    An environmentally friendly and cost effective cleaning system for stainless steel cloth media filter elements. The Enviro-Wash 9000 cleaning system is compact, mobile, user friendly and replaces the traditional ultrasonic cleaning systems. OEI's biodegradable cleaning solution will remove... Read More
  • EPDM Rubber Hot Water Hose for Commercial Diving By Kuriyama of America

    EPDM Rubber Hot Water Hose for Commercial Diving is used with commercial diving hot water suits - similar to wet suits, but are flooded with warm water from a surface water heater. The water is then pumped to the diver using a 1/2" hose from an umbilical system. Read More
  • E-Plus Flow Computer By Dynamic Flow Computers, Inc.

    E-Plus Flow Computer: * Innovative Technology * Up to Three Meter Runs * Low Power - Secure Data * Min-Max Trending * Display Selection Daily and Weekly Trends * 64 Days of Data Storage * Cost Competitive to a Chart Recorder * Easy Field Configuration and Installation Read More
  • Equipment Centers By Lectrus Corporation

    It doesn't matter if you want to move it, stack it, expand it or drag it around - we can give you an equipment center that will do exactly what you need. Our prefabricated modular metal centers typically safeguard low, medium and high voltage electrical equipment that either you or one of our... Read More
  • Ethernet Analog I/O By Acromag, Inc.

    Multi-channel Ethernet analog I/O module units save space, reduce costs, and network analog input or output signals. Low noise, 16-bit A/D and 12-bit D/A converters deliver high accuracy. Input models accept voltage, current, and temperature sensor signals. Output units control devices or write... Read More
  • Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP I/O By Acromag, Inc.

    Acromag's Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP I/O products offer a variety of solutions for remote I/O, distributed process control, and factory automation applications. Analog and discrete Ethernet I/O modules interface sensors and actuators to controllers with Modbus TCP/IP or Ethernet/IP CIP protocol... Read More
  • Everlast safety signs By Tech Products, Inc.

    Tech Products, Inc., has provided identification products to the REA, Investor-owned and government utility market since 1948 including, Pole markers, Transmission tower (aerial) markers and Substation signs. We were the first to manufacturer many of the products in use today but are most proud... Read More
  • ExoFit NEX™ By Capital Safety (DBI-SALA & PROTECTA)

    The ExoFit NEX™ is the next generation premium harness from DBI-SALA, every component is an innovation and improvement on current designs. The ExoFit NEX™ wraps around you for the ultimate in no-tangle donning and comfortable security. From the moment you put it on, it will exceed anything... Read More