Products in the Oil Gas Marketplace

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  • Cable Connectors & Assemblies By Northwire Inc.

    Northwire’s Endurance connectors provide high durability and reliable connectivity through internal shielding. When combined with Northwire’s exclusive wire and cable, these rugged connectors are proven to exceed 10 million flex cycles. Screw-lock connectors utilize combination Phillips/slot... Read More
  • Chemical Refining Heat / Thermal Insulation By Mascoat

    Supplying high-tech thermal insulation and condensation prevention for chemical refining substrates, Mascoat Industrial Insulating Coatings keep personnel safe while lowering the cost of plant maintenance. Since conventional insulation cannot effectively prevent surface degradation due to CUI,... Read More
  • CINC centrifugal extractors By CINC DEUTSCHLAND GMBH

    Liquid - liquid centrifugal extractors for continuous two phase washing or extraction processes. Different sizes available from lab scale to process scale. Flow rates from 0 - 200 gpm. XP units available for installation on and offshore. Read More
  • Circuit Breaker Lockouts By Master Lock

    Easy to use lockouts for circuit breakers. Read More
  • Circul-Air Fire Hose Washer By American Airworks™

    Circul-Air Roto-Jet Hose Washer This Circul-Air hose washer removes hydrocarbons that can carry 90% of the toxins produced by a fire. These hydrocarbons can also contain carcinogens. Potentially hazardous substances can be absorbed through the skin by contact. Rinsing the hose off only removes... Read More
  • Circul-Air™ Hose & PPE Equip Dryers By American Airworks™

    Circul-Air™ hose washers and Circul-Air hose roller, washers, dryers and hose racks make life at work so much easier. The Circul-Air dryer can also dry PPE products too. We offer reduced prices and low shipping rates of these units. Read More
  • Climate Control Solutions By Rittal Corporation

    Climate control products from Rittal include: Industrial and IT fans/blowers, Vortex cooling systems, air/air and air/water heat exchangers, thermoelectric coolers, wallmount and roofmount air conditioners, as well as process chillers, enclosure heaters, IT liquid cooling systems, and climate... Read More
  • CMC-TC Smoke Sensor By Rittal Corporation

    The Rittal CMC-TC Smoke Sensor is set up via an automatic electronic ID system, and because they are installed using a flexible plug-and-play system, there is no need for time-consuming programming and wiring, making them a simple solution for electronic smoke detecting. Read More
  • CoilBoss Retractile Power Cord By Northwire Inc.

    CoilBoss™ Retractile Cords by Northwire feature design and engineering that delivers unsurpassed reliability and performance in the most extreme environments. Guaranteed to meet strict technical, mechanical, and environmental requirements, CoilBoss™ is ideal for factory automation equipment and... Read More
  • Conceptual Process Design Services By Process Engineering Associates, LLC

    Design Basis Development Process Feasibility Studies Technical and Economic Evaluations Process Alternatives Evaluations Preliminary Process Design Packages Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Packages Preliminary Capital Cost / Operating Cost Estimates Coker Upgrade Studies Read More
  • Contact Measurement Transducers By Piezo Technologies

    For general purpose inspection of metals, plastics, ceramics, elastomers, and composites, our product development engineers can design your application-specific contact transducer. The design may be customized for longitudinal and low, medium, and high damping. Housings are stainless steel.... Read More
  • Continuous Level Transmitters By Gems Sensors & Controls

    OEMs with fluid gauging requirements now have an affordable, yet robust continuous output sensor they can use to great value. Gems™ liquid level sensors are a durable, low-cost solution for applications that don't require high-resolution output. Made of brass or stainless steel, this series... Read More
  • Controlcat New Horizons in Temperature, Pressure, Flow and much more! By Omega Engineering, Inc.

    DILBERT™ CONTROLCAT NEW HORIZONS® in Temperature, Pressure, Flow and More! Version No. 28 Contains over 150 full color pages of state-of-the art products separated into 7 sections: Automation, Sanitary, Temperature, Electric Heaters, Wireless/Data Acquisition, Pressure/Strain/Force, and... Read More
  • COSA 707 Emissions Analyzer By COSA Xentaur

    The COSA 707 is an easy to hold, hand-held emissions analyzers capable of measuring up to seven different gases. The emissions analyzer can be equipped with up to 6 electrochemical sensors and a CO2 IR-bench for simultaneous measurements. Cells can be installed for making measurements of... Read More
  • CPG2400 Digital Barometer By MENSOR

    The CPG2400 Digital Barometer is a great replacement for mercury manometers or when a higher accuracy is required in your barometric pressure measurement. It has a range of 415 to 880 mmHg absolute (8 to 17 psia) and accuracy of 0.03% of reading. It is perfect for monitoring barometric pressure... Read More
  • CR Mixer By SPX Flow Technology

    Patented high-shear mixing technology that produces uniform, stable emulsions, dispersions and foams. Combines product recycling and shear action that can be "tuned" to produce precise effect desired. Varying rotor speed and controlling back pressure at discharge port determine the number of... Read More
  • Cryo-ValveGuard By Fike Europe

    The use of pressure relief devices on high temperatures for steam and power boilers is generally well regulated by the applicable and recognized pressure vessel legislations. For the equally critical use of pressure relief devices on cryogenic applications however there are no existing... Read More
  • CS Unitec's Non-sparking Safety Tools By CS UNITEC, Inc.

    CS Unitec's Safety Tools are manufactured from Copper-Beryllium or special Aluminum-Bronze alloys that are certified for safe use in areas where hazardous, flammable or combustible vapors, liquids, dusts or residues may be present. They are corrosion-resistant, non-sparking and non-magnetic,... Read More
  • Custom Coating Solutions By Bredero Shaw Ltd

    To supplement its comprehensive capacity for coating pipelines, Bredero Shaw also offers Custom Coating & Field Coating Services, providing end-to-end coating capabilities to its clients. Custom coated products: bends, spools, manifolds, jumpers, XMT, and other components incorporated into... Read More
  • Custom Enclosures By Lectrus Corporation

    Looking for a special size electrical cabinet, industrial console or enclosure? Having trouble finding a metal enclosure manufacturer that excels at custom configurations? Turn to Lectrus as your trusted partner. Not only do we provide large, walk-in electrical equipment centers for projects... Read More