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  • Backup Standby Lift Station Pump By Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Co.

    Diesel-driven pumps are replacing generators as an improved backup plan. This independent pump unit is a more effective solution to lift station problems such as sewage pump failures. The versatile diesel automatic-prime pump also supplements the lift station when routine maintenance or... Read More
  • Baldwin Filters By Baldwin Filters

    Baldwin Filters offers heavy-duty lube, air, fuel, coolant, hydraulic and transmission filters for over-the-road vehicles and off-road equipment, as well as industrial, agricultural, automotive and marine applications. Baldwin Filters consistently manufactures filters designed to meet or exceed... Read More
  • Beacon 800 Controller By RKI Instruments Inc.

    The Beacon™ 800 is a simplified, versatile, low cost fixed system controller for one to eight points of gas monitoring. It is microprocessor controlled and is capable of accepting up to 8 separate 4-20 mA sensor transmitters, which can be either 2 or 3 wire. The Beacon™ 800 can be powered by... Read More
  • Beamex® MC6 Advanced Field Calibrator and Communicator By BEAMEX

    Beamex® MC6 is an advanced, high-accuracy field calibrator and communicator. It offers calibration capabilities for pressure, temperature and various electrical signals. The MC6 also contains a full fieldbus communicator for HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Profibus PA instruments. The usability... Read More
  • Beamex® FB Field Temperature Block By BEAMEX

    Lightweight, high-accuracy temperature dry block for industrial field use. The Beamex® FB Field Temperature Block is ideal for industrial field use. Speed The Beamex® FB is extremely quick to reach various temperatures, i.e. it cools down to -25 °C in 15 minutes and heats up to +660 °C... Read More
  • Beamex® MB Metrology Temperature Block By BEAMEX

    Portable temperature dry block that provides bath-level accuracy for industrial applications. High accuracy and stability With a conventional dry block, you typically needed an external reference sensor if you wanted better accuracy. The Beamex® MB has accurate internal temperature... Read More
  • Beamex® MC2 Calibrator By BEAMEX

    •Compact and user-friendly Compact-sized, lightweight portable calibrator with large graphical display, multilingual interface and full numerical keyboard. Calibration is fast and simple. •Accuracy guaranteed The calibrator is delivered with a traceable, accredited calibration certificate.... Read More
  • Beamex® MC4 Documenting Process Calibrator By BEAMEX

    •Communication with calibration software Using the MC4 together with calibration software provides you with a complete documenting calibration system that produces calibration certificates automatically. •All-in-one functionality The MC4 is a versatile calibrator with many different... Read More
  • Beamex® MC5 Multifunction Calibrator By BEAMEX

    •Replaces several measurement devices Due to its all-in-one functionality, the MC5 replaces several individual devices and calibrators. This reduces also recalibration costs, as you only need to maintain one device instead of several devices. •Calibrate fieldbus transmitters Although modern... Read More
  • Beamex® MC5-IS Intrinsically Safe Multifunction Calibrator By BEAMEX

    Made for extreme environments Safe and robust field calibrator The ATEX and IECEx certified, IP65-rated MC5-IS is robust and made for tough use with impact protectors and membrane keyboard. Accuracy guaranteed MC5-IS is a high accuracy all-in-one calibrator. The calibrator is delivered... Read More
  • Beamex® PG-Series of Calibration Pumps By BEAMEX

    Flexible pressure measurement The PG series includes hand-held, lightweight pressure and vacuum sources for field use. The PG series of hand pumps are ideal pressure/vacuum generators to be used as accessories for pressure and vacuum calibration. Main features (and specifications) PGV for... Read More
  • Beamex®CMX By BEAMEX

    • Plan & schedule calibrations • Manage & store all calibration data • Analyze & optimize calibration interval • Easy and efficient to use • Explorer-type user-interface • Calibrator communication/manual entry • Pocket PC interface available • Produce... Read More
  • Beamex®MCS By BEAMEX

    •Many applications Calibration of pressure, temperature and electrical signals; electrical tests and measurements; maintenance and testing of single and 3- phase motors; soldering of surface mounted and traditional components; safety and high voltage testing. •Versatile System can be equipped... Read More
  • Bio-Mag™ magnetic fuel decontamination unit By RCI Technologies

    The Bio-Mag™ magnetic fuel decontamination unit is an in-line magnetic device designed to treat microbiological contamination in fuel systems and control further growth, reducing the need for biocides and other chemicals. The device uses a magnetic field to break down bacteria so that it can... Read More
  • Black Jack Stud Remover By Power House Tool Inc.

    The BlackJack® Stud Runner is a versatile tool designed for the removal or insertion of threaded studs into blind stud holes. Stud runners are made for stud diameters from 1/2" to 7" with any thread pitch available. Also available for gear boxes on Wind Turbines. Read More
  • Black Powder Separators By One Eye Industries Inc

    OEI designs and manufactures a variety of Black Powder Separators (BPS) for pipeline erosion corrosion management. The 5000 Series Two Stage Magnetic Separator Cone Strainer is designed for start-ups of new and existing pipelines. Traditionally after start-up the cone strainer is removed.... Read More
  • Bran+Luebbe Double-acting Diaphragm Pump Head By SPX Flow Technology

    A power pack by SPX: Bran+Luebbe brand's double-acting diaphragm pump head generates a "true" double flow rate by using only a simplex pump. Compard to duplex pumps the footprint is substantially reduced. Metering pump with double-acting diaphragm pump head: Smaller footprint Lower weight Low... Read More
  • Bran+Luebbe ProCam Hygienic Metering Pump By SPX Flow Technology

    Suitable for CIP (Cleaning-in-Place) up to 150° Suitable for SIP ( Sterilizing-in-Place) by saturated steam at 121°C Suitable for stringent hygienic and sterile needs in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology, in cosmetic industries and personal care as well as for food and beverages... Read More
  • BTU1100 ALL-IN-ONE Combustion Gas Efficiency Analyzer By E Instruments International

    The NEW, UPDATED BTU1100 Portable Combustion Analyzer is the most updated, ALL-IN-ONE unit to meet the growing needs for the mechanical contractors, Plumbers, Boiler Technicians, and many more. Now available are field replaceable sensors for easy diagnostics and replacements to cut out... Read More