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  • Pigs Unlimited International, INC.

    Pigs Unlimited, Inc. supplies pipeline pigs, pigging components and equipment, cleaning and related services and consultancy. It's manufacturing division produces a full line of pigs from ½ " - 96" including foam pigs, steel mandrel pigs (cup, disc, brush, blade), solid cast pigs (sphere, cup,...
  • Komax Systems Inc

    Static Mixer manufacturer. Full range of static mixers in PVC, SS, carbon steel and exotics. Static mixer heat exchangers. chemical injection equipment. ozone injectors.
  • Krohne, Inc.

    KROHNE ranks among the world‘s leading companies involved in the development and production of innovative and reliable process measuring technology for all sectors around the globe.
  • GfG Instrumentation, Inc.

    GfG Instrumentation is a world leader in gas detection for the protection of life and property.

    Astro Arc Polysoude has been providing orbital welding solutions to industries since its founding in the early 1960's. Arc welding processes and advanced automation is our specialty. Welding processes used: TIG/GTAW, MIG-MAG/GMAW/FCAW and PAW, all position orbital welding and mechanized...
  • Unisert Multiwall Systems,Inc

    Engineering and building the patented IT3 multiwall pipe systems that negate galvanic corrosion problems and meet double-wall containment requirements for the oil, gas, chemical, mining, power utility and municipal industries. Unisert’s unique process involves sliding one piping system into...

    With over 20 year’s experience, FLEXIM has proven to be a leader in the design/development of precision ultrasonic flowmeters. FLEXIM has earned a reputation as a pioneer in non-invasive flow technology and is recognized in professional codes for high-accuracy flow measurement throughout every...
  • Norton Corrosion Limited LLC

    Cathodic Protection for all oil and gas industry, and marine needs. Corrosion control designs, material supply, O&M, and problem solving. Manufacturer Bayanode® Probe Anodes, NCL-GEL/CELLTM Reference Cells, and Morganode® II Anodes. 18,500+ total projects since 1959. Eastern Division-...
  • TorcUP Inc. Industrial Bolting Tools

    We produce and sell hydraulic wrenches, pneumatic wrenches, nut splitters, flange spreaders, and impact sockets, in short ALL OF THE TOOLS REQUIRED FOR TIGHTENING AND LOOSENING BIG NUTS AND BOLTS! It is actually THAT simple!! TorcUP is a dynamic and innovative company with an emphasis on...
  • PLIDCO-The Pipe Line Development Company

    PLIDCO Split+Sleeve: PLIDCO Split+Sleeve repair fittings can be used to permanently seal leaks caused by corrosion or third party damage on-shore and off-shore. these fittings are easy and safe to install and can be welded while the line is in service.